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The department is positioned as a teaching unit with "theory, license, and practice", and develops courses to meet the needs of the industry to meet the needs of the industry for financial professionals.

In addition, in order to strengthen students' application of information technology, the future will focus on the use of software courses and strengthen the training of foreign language skills in order to comply with the trend of internationalization of the financial market.

1. Cultivate professional talents in finance, real estate and risk management: provide the core competence of the department to teach professional skills, enrich the basic skills of employment, teach workplace adaptability, cultivate ethics and interpersonal skills, and cultivate humanities and caring skills.

2. Strengthen students' basic business disciplines (economics, accounting, statistics) and professional discipline training in this department.

3. Actively promote the financial and financial license examinations, and encourage students of the department to obtain professional licenses before graduation, and they can be employed after graduation.


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