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Career Prospects

1. Work in the workplace
Graduates of this department mainly focus on banking, insurance, securities, real estate, and corporate financial management. Brokers, underwriters, proprietary traders, investment trust companies, investment consultants, and securities finance companies in the securities investment industry all have sufficient room for development. The entry of foreign securities companies will increase the demand for talents. The gradual opening of the futures industry, coupled with the promulgation and implementation of the "Futures Trading Law", allows the futures industry not only to provide enterprises and individuals with a safe-haven channel, but also to expand the field of financial investment. The passage of the law on securitization of real estate has increased the demand for talents in the market.
In addition, there are two types of jobs in insurance companies that are particularly suitable for graduates of the Finance Department. One is the head of the investment department and the other is an actuary. Insurance companies have huge funds and need many investment talents. Students who are interested in investing in the future can develop into this job market. In addition, investment banking, commercial banking, and foreign exchange transactions in the banking industry are all large stages for finance graduates to expand. As for government agencies, such as the Central Bank and the various units under the Ministry of Finance, they are one of the good outlets for students of this department.

2. Continue to study
The solid courses and excellent teachers of this department lay the foundation for graduates to engage in academic research in the future. In recent years, the proportion of graduates from the Department of Finance who choose to continue to study in the graduate school has increased. Some graduates enter research institutes in the fields of economics, business, and asset management. As for the students studying abroad, they are also increasing with Japan.